Little did I know, I was wandering.

Hey there, it’s Carly!  I am The Wanderer and this is my story. It all started out back in 2014, on the bustling streets of Toronto. It was a lovely spring day and I was waiting for the streetcar on Queen West, scrolling through my phone to pass the time, when the words “best summer job ever” caught my attention. Naturally, I wanted to know more, so I did it. I clicked on the link. An update of my resume and two interviews later, there I was armed with a map and a smart phone about to embark on the summer of a lifetime as the new Brand Ambassador with Ontario’s Highlands. I was given the challenge to explore every inch of the region, uncovering the faces and places that make Ontario’s Highlands a unique and memorable destination.

It’s no secret that the busy, city life can catch up with you. There is always something to do, somewhere to go and someone to meet. Go, go, go. This was the first time in years that I slowed the pace, enjoyed every unexpected moment, tossed my agenda out the window and simply explored. Little did I know, I was wandering.

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is wandering, and that is a totally legitimate question. It’s simple really – wandering is trusting to find exactly what you need, when you need it. All you have to do is let yourself go and follow the little voice inside you, your inner wanderer. Sounds simple enough right?

Here we are, two years later. I have travelled to each corner of Ontario’s Highlands and everywhere in between, but this journey is different. This time, I am setting out to help YOU, and some of my favourite characters from the region, discover YOUR inner wanderer. Follow along as I introduce you to the people who have taken their passions and turned them into a unique attraction, and uncover Ontario’s Highlands’ coolest experiences and best kept secrets.

This is not your average travel blog of what there is to see and do, instead this is a blog about self-discovery and the experiences that shape you, influence you, and guide you towards your greatest self. No itineraries, no expectations, no judgement; just the openness for an experience and the faith to go where the flip of a coin leads us. Literally. #ComeWander with me.


The Wanderer

Chasing my desire for unrehearsed days and unexpected moments across Ontario's Highlands.

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