A Different Kind of Detour

I was driving down the road the other day, when I saw a sign I often dread, “Detour Ahead.” Being that I sometimes cut things close (okay, maybe more than sometimes), coming across this sign almost always means I’ll be late to wherever I’m headed.

As I continued down the road, additional signage let me know that the reason for this upcoming detour was not the typical kind. It was not for construction, and thankfully not the result of an accident, but for a festival; a celebration so joyous that the main drag was closed down for the day. So I asked myself, “Why not embrace it?”

Maybe this sign was telling me what I really needed: a detour from the everyday rush I’m often in.

Too often it seems we’re scrambling to get from one destination to the next; too busy to appreciate the moments in between. But why? What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen if we take a minute to smell the roses, embrace a detour every now and then, and just stop rushing? Maybe in taking a break from our every day, we’ll find ourselves laughing until it hurts, dancing with new friends, and having our breath taken away by moments of incredible beauty. Maybe by throwing away our schedules, even for a day, we’ll be able to just be.

Just in case you want to take a detour from your everyday, here are five of my favourite festivals.

Palmer Rapids Twin Music Festival: With stars lining up on both a country stage and a blues stage, this is two full concerts taking place off the beaten path, just minutes apart.

Hike Haliburton: Consisting of more than 80 guided hikes, this weekend event has something for everyone; arts, culture, heritage, and even foodie experiences, just to name a few.

Calabogie Blues & Ribfest: The name sums this event up, but it’s even more than you can imagine. Incredible music, delicious food, and a ton of laughter and dancing, all taking place in a beautiful setting.

Tweed Tribute to Elvis: This is the perfect opportunity to slip on your Blue Suede Shoes and marvel at the twinkling of sunlight against rhinestones while belting out some of the King’s classics.

Madawaska Valley Studio Tour: More than an opportunity to uncover local artwork and hidden treasures, this is an opportunity to meet the artists and get a glimpse at their studios; where magic happens.

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