Unrehearsed Day: Episode One

I’d like to think of myself as the perfect balance of meticulously organized and unsettlingly spontaneous. There are days when my life and everything I do is dictated by a colour coded to-do list and there are others where I set out with nothing but a full tank of gas, some friends and our favourite mixtape. I thrive on seeing where the wind takes me. This, no doubt, is why the concept of wandering speaks to me so profoundly. The unknown, albeit sometimes scary, is also thrilling. There are two sides to every coin.

And that right there is the driving force behind the Unrehearsed Day Episode One. The flip of a coin. Tossing fate into the air and following where it lands. Heads or tails. Left or right. Up or down.

Thankfully, my ‘partner in crime’ for the day, Melissa, was also on board to let our day unfold in front of us, as the coin decided our future destinations.

From SUPing at Calabogie Peaks Resort, to peddling with Valley Cycle Tours and then off to wander the streets and shops of Downtown Pembroke, the coin certainly did not lead us astray. Check out the adventures that ensue when you set out on an unrehearsed day below.

This was our first of five unrehearsed days. As with anything new, there were learning lessons to be noted;

#1: always make sure your GoPro isn’t on and wasting battery in your purse.

#2: be prepared for a Google Map led trek through the most obscure and yet stunningly beautiful backroads.

#3: don’t let Carly try anything on unless we are willing to let her buy it (I found the sweetest hat at Pick-it Fence, how could I not get it?!)

But the most valuable lesson of all for capturing our most authentic and unexpected discoveries was to never turn the cameras off.

Sometimes the moments that are most memorable jump out at you when you’re least prepared.

You’ll have to tune into Episode Two in a few weeks to see how we’ll capture the majestic and simple moments that arise during an entire day as a traveller without a plan.

Until then, I challenge YOU to try wandering next time you are out exploring. Instead of planning what comes next, follow your feet and embrace whatever might be ahead. Take a suggestion from a local, turn left instead of right, walk home rather than hail a cab, try a new coffee shop. As different as it might feel, it can also be quite liberating and fun! Like I said, there are two sides to every coin.

The Wanderer

Chasing my desire for unrehearsed days and unexpected moments across Ontario's Highlands.

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