Unrehearsed Day: Episode Two

After an amazing Long Weekend, our second Unrehearsed Day was upon us. At 6:00a.m. sharp, I climbed into my oh so appropriately named Explorer, rolled the windows down, turned the radio up and headed North towards Haliburton. As I arrived at the Positive Media headquarters to pick up my wandering partner Pasi (although I call him my human selfie stick), the sun was high in the sky and things were just beginning to heat up.

We had a simple plan in place for this ‘Unrehearsed Day’; to enjoy a completely carefree afternoon by asking locals and visitors alike for suggestions on where we should wander to and embrace what unfolded in front of us. The only thing we needed was a reason for the day’s wandering, something to give our journey context, a simple idea that would guide our conversations with the people we met along the way.

As the temperature climbed, we mulled over a bunch of options, and that’s when it hit us. It was simple.

We would wander on a search for the coolest thing to do in the Haliburton Highlands, both figuratively and literally.

As it was the first time wandering in this manner, I really wasn’t sure what kind of suggestions we would get; would they be feasible, what if they were boring, would it be something we could capture on camera? But alas, throwing caution to the wind, off we went towards our starting point, Skyline Park Lookout, and from there it was smooth sailing.

Each person we asked, smiled and answered immediately without hesitation! Most of them had just come from or were heading to do exactly what they suggested. Time and time again we heard the same two things; indulge in some Kawartha Dairy ice cream and take advantage of the bountiful lakes and rivers in the area.

As a sociology major, I find the power of thought and group mentality to be very intriguing. And yet, this common thread of suggestions didn’t surprise me at all. The #MyHaliburtonHighlands are known for their pristine waters, and with over 600 lakes to choose from it is a cottaging oasis. It’s no wonder water activities were top of mind for everyone. Not to mention, there is some intrinsic connection between ice cream and summer that is both magical and delicious. I certainly wasn’t complaining!

So, there we were with a dilemma, should we find somewhere to dive into the water, or do we treat ourselves to some truly delicious, local ice cream? Click play to watch Unrehearsed Day 2 unfold before us.

Shout out to the super cool local businesses that allowed two crazy people and a camera to enter: The incrEdible Haliburton County Farmers’ Market, Abbey Gardens, V&S Haliburton, and of course Kawartha Dairy



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