Celebrate NYE with Mother Nature!

Does the thought of sparkly dresses, long lineups in the cold, absurd cover charges and jam packed clubs make you  reconsider celebrating New Years Eve at all? Don’t worry, you are not alone. I am not sure if it’s the aging process (let’s hope not, I am only 27…), my recent distance from the ‘big smoke’, or maybe it’s because I value conversation over screaming to be heard above the music, but this December 31st, I am doing something different. You can too!

Conclude 2016 with a day in the snow and a night under the stars. I know you’re thinking, “that sounds like winter camping Carly,” and you would be correct, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

Take a minute, humour me, and imagine…

Spend the day breaking trail and exploring the natural beauty of winter’s landscape on snowshoe, and savour the tastes of the wilderness while cooking meals over the fire. As the clock strikes midnight, celebrate the start of another year with your closest friends and a champagne toast as fireworks light up the sky. When you finally retire for the evening, cozy up under the stars in a traditional heated canvas tent. If you listen closely as you’re drifting off to sleep, you’ll hear the stories of the forest surrounding you. It sounds quite magical doesn’t it?

The best part? Leave all the planning to Cruising Canoes. All you need to do is toss your party hat, your pjs and some warm socks in a bag, and show up dressed for the elements.

Too rugged for you? Maybe  you’re looking for a little more luxury. To that I would say, “rent a cabin with friends and enjoy some good old fashioned fun!” Go tobogganing, build a snowman, enjoy totties around the fireplace, and at midnight start a living room dance party! The options truly are endless when you combine festive fun, friends and the great outdoors.

However you end up celebrating New Years Eve, please remember to be safe!

Happy Wandering,
The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Chasing my desire for unrehearsed days and unexpected moments across Ontario's Highlands.

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