It’s Still Winter Here!

During your travels, have you ever arrived at your destination, stepped out of the vehicle and been instantly met with the feeling of an elevated pulse in the air? Maybe it’s your excitement, maybe it’s the fresh air, maybe it’s the anticipation of what’s to come.

Or maybe, just maybe, you have arrived in a place that is so magical you can feel it.

That is what the Haliburton Highlands are for me. The region has such an infectious spirit, it’s impossible not to feel the locals’ warm welcome, the beauty of the natural landscape, the uniqueness of the experiences and the comforting feeling that you have found your home away from home.

It’s no surprise that the winter season is just as exciting as the revered Haliburton Highlands’ summer. Next weekend alone has three epic celebrations worth making the trip up North for. However rainy and spring-like it seems right now in the Southern parts of Ontario, it is still very much winter in Haliburton! Chances are there is fresh, fluffy snow falling as you read this.

2017 Winter Sleddog World Championship – January 24 to February 1, 2017


The infamous Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve is opening it’s doors with arms wide to welcome competitors from across the globe as they arrive to compete in extreme disciplines such as; Skijoring, Pulka, and Dog Sledding. Goosebumps covered my forearms as I navigated their website; watching the power and determination of the teams, gazing at the backdrop of gorgeous winter landscapes, and witnessing the relationship between man and dog were three uniquely beautiful moments. This is sure to be a week full of fast paced excitement. When at the Forest, I would suggest visiting the Wolf Centre to see firsthand the dynamic of a real alpha wolf pack and don’t forget to say “hi!” to Hershe the resident moose.

Hardwater Festival – A Celebration of Ice – January 28, 2017

FullSizeRender.jpgPhoto Credit: Peter Bowers

This is going to be a ‘really cool’ day full of your favourite winter events! There will be everything from skating to ice fishing, ice sculpting to ice safety training, and snowshoeing to broomball on the outdoor rink! What better way to warm up then with a bowl of chilli, a cup of hot chocolate and a viewing of Frozen inside?!

Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships
January 27 to 29th & February 3rd to 5th


It’s going to be ‘pondemonium’! Representing the purest form of the game, this two weekend tournament takes competitors, volunteers and spectators alike back to the roots of hockey; friends, a puck and a patch of ice. Pinestone Resort will be transformed into hockey central as 1500+ players from across the nation and beyond play for a chance to stake claim to pond hockey superiority. Spectators are encouraged to join in the fun and cheer along their favourite team!

With all of this excitement amidst the breathtaking northern landscape, I think it’s safe to say, there is nowhere better to be than the #MyHaliburtonHighlands this January!

Happy Wandering,
The Wanderer

Cover Photo Credit: @Pinecone.s via Instagram



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