Take a Hike!

New Year’s resolutions, we’ve all got ‘em right? If you are anything like me, then year after year, you scribble down some well-meaning goals to achieve in the next 365 days. Most years I couldn’t even locate said list of ambitions a month later, let alone a year later. It’s only recently that I have actually taken my resolutions seriously. I realized that if these are achievements that I feel will steer me towards the best possible version of myself, then I owe it to me to work towards that ideal self. This year, after quite a bit of reflection, I set realistic goals for my personal, professional and social life.

One of those goals was to, and I quote, ‘Do Not Hibernate!’

So here we are, deep in the middle of winter, and I am trying to get outside as much as possible, despite the fact that winter can be a cold and unforgiving season. I’ve found that knowledge is everything, especially when it comes to enjoying the frozen months. After checking out other Wanderer’s suggestions via Instagram, I have tailored it down to the following locations for my ‘Hike Here This Winter’ list.

Check it out here

The Wanderer

Chasing my desire for unrehearsed days and unexpected moments across Ontario's Highlands.

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