3 Staycations Proving Home Is Where the Heart Is

It seems all winter, my newsfeeds have been blowing up with pictures of oceans, bathing suits, sunshine and cocktails. It happens every year: friends and family pack their bags and flock down south. Although thrilled for their hot, sandy adventures, its almost impossible to not feel a little restless. Each picture of a beach sunset seems to have made the snow feel deeper, the cold feel colder and the warmer months seem like decades away. 

Despite my desire to get out of the house and follow everyone south, the usual excuses have been running through my mind this season: my vacation time is getting low, plane tickets are expensive, all-inclusive resorts aren’t really my thing, and don’t even get me started on my ‘beach body’.

Who needs all of that though? Let’s eliminate the stress and cost of heading abroad and look a little closer to home.

Whether you’re looking to cozy up lakeside, or to hide away, nestled in the woods, relaxing amorous adventures for two are speckled across Ontario’s Highlands.

Trade in jet setting for a road trip, beaches for hot tubs, sand for snow, pina coladas for local wine, and a la carte for fine dining. You won’t be disappointed.

There’s no way I’m alone in feeling like a romantic getaway with my partner would be heavenly right about now, right? Well, I’ve gone ahead and done some research and lucky for you, I don’t mind sharing…

Heather Lodge 1

On the banks of Twelve Mile Lake, peeking out from behind majestic tall pines, lies the warm and welcoming Heather Lodge. As an adult only resort, the property offers a quiet and serene escape, with the chance to soak away into the sunset from a private hot tub. Coupled with Chef James’ spectacular in house cooking served in the lakeside sunroom, this truly is a peaceful place.

The Wanderer’s Tip: Grab a pair of snow shoes from the main office and explore the natural beauty surrounding the lodge.

Sand on Golden Lake 1

Of the 900 lakes that flow through the Ottawa Valley, Golden Lake is one of my favourites. Its blue waters lapping against the beachfront can be seen from each room at Sands On Golden Lake, including the dining room. In the winter, these windows provide one of the best viewing points of the sunset over the lake, but if you’re feeling ambitious, you can bundle up and watch it from the balcony! The on-site full service spa makes this the ultimate relaxation destination.

The Wanderer’s Tip: Often there is live music in the dining room on the weekends. Be sure to look at their online calendar to ensure you aren’t missing out. A serenaded candlelit dinner would be the cherry on top of an already lovely weekend.

Black River Retreat 1

You really leave the world behind when spending a weekend at Black River Retreat. This secluded oasis only accommodates one couple at a time; so its just you, that special someone, and nature. Oh, and a personal chef. The log home, hiking trails, waterfront property, fire pit and hot tub are all yours to enjoy at your pleasure!

The Wanderer’s Tip: Customize your experience! Call ahead and chat with Trevor about setting up a yoga session or couple’s massage. Don’t forget your iPod at home. With speakers hidden throughout the retreat, you can plug in and play your very own tunes both inside and outside to set the mood.

Forget the beach. All you need to do is grab your overnight bag and your beloved, and hop in the car. Is there anything better?

Happy Wandering,
The Wanderer

The Wanderer

Chasing my desire for unrehearsed days and unexpected moments across Ontario's Highlands.

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