A Toe Tapping Good Time

Photo of Tweed & Company by: James King & Company 

The moment we entered the Tweed Pavilion you could feel It, the sense of anticipation. It was visible on the faces of the audience and seemed to hang in the air, floating in and around the vintage Edison lights hanging from the rafters. As we found our seats, excited chatter and authentic fiddle music filled the warm, summer air.

By the second verse of the first song, my right foot couldn’t control itself for another bar. That’s where the toe tapping, knee slapping and shoulder swaying began, and it didn’t stop until the final note rang out into the night. It was lively, fresh, sweet, funny and oh so impressive; it was hands down the most memorable theatre performance I have seen to date.

Not that you should need any –  the raving reviews really speak for themselves –  but here are three reasons why you should scoop up the last tickets for the final performance:

  1. The Storytelling
    Each character, each set, each line and each song was meticulously crafted to weave together the rich and interesting history of beautiful Hastings County, which I am lucky to call home. From the Loyalist and Rebel feud to Irish immigration, and from the first discovery of gold to the first agriculture fair, the script references the unique events that have shaped the evolution of Hastings County.
  1. The Musicianship
    Each of the cast members played one, if not multiple, instruments and together they performed the score to all of the pieces. Live! Not only did they perform the pieces, but cast members also composed them. The lyrics were raw and the harmonies were layered making for a very powerful delivery of the story.
  1. The Humour
    I honestly have not laughed that hard in quite some time. While the entire play is comical and light, there is one character in particular (I won’t give anything away) that is beyond hilarious. The facial expressions, the gestures, the persona; all of it is executed with absolute perfection!

Not to mention, the final performance of any show is special in itself; knowing that you are part of the final hoorah, the conclusion of a beautiful thing.

So go, now, quickly. The last tickets for tonight’s closing show have your name on it: HASTINGS! A New Musical.

Happy Wandering,
The Wanderer


  • So proud of my niece , Trica Black ! You are an inspiration to the arts and music performers , Keep doing it you are about to hit it big. Love Uncle Kevin 🙂 xoxoxoxoxox

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