Cabin Fever

*Author’s Note: Each highlighted link showcases my favourite locations to catch Cabin Fever. So click away!*

It seems like just yesterday I packed up my Toronto Harbourfront apartment, said Adios,to the CN Tower fading in my rearview mirror, and headed North to my new home; a cabin in the woods. Almost everyone I told thought I was insane.

My city friends were bewildered, unsure of what there would be for me to do out here. My outlook never changed, I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d do, but I knew I needed the challenge and the change of scenery.

Over a year later, I am still happily tucked away between towering pines and a quaint rushing river. I think it’s safe to say that I have caught cabin fever. I am 100% infected and have no interest in the antidote. There is a simple solitude here that I doubt I will find anywhere else. The fresh air, the starry night skies, the sound of the rapids up around the bend. I wouldnt trade it for anything.

Ill be honest with you, its contagious. So if catching the following symptoms arent of interest to you, you best stay away!

Increased Relaxation.
Its incredible how the body and mind work. We can function on such little sleep and so much stress. We can say yes to delivering on everyones priorities but our own and we can convince ourselves that this is just life! I urge you to take a moment, pause, and breathe. Once the fever sets in, the stress of your everyday tasks melts away, literally, as you soak up the solitude of a jacuzzi tub surrounded by floor to ceiling windows and a serene forest view.

New Outlook on Technology.
We all know, far too well, how easy it is to camp out in front of the television or our computers during these colder months. Instead of being out and about making memories, we are constantly checking our phones to see what our friends are up to, willingly letting the FOMO set in. At the cabin, a crazy thing happens. You simply stop caring about the outside world. Be cautious because as this symptom takes over, you might even forget when and where you last saw your phone, and chances are, you will be okay with that. Disconnecting. Try it. It’s actually quite liberating.

Affinity with nature.
Puzzles, card games, shooting pool and catching up on that book youve been trying to get through all year are fantastic ways to pass time on a snowy day, but why not venture outside too? The great outdoors are a natural playground with limitless potential; have a snowball fight, go for a hike, build a fort, strap on some skis or snowshoes. Go on, explore!

Impulse to Embrace Winter’s Warmth.
There is no heat like the heat of a roaring fire. You feel it deep in your bones. Whether you are bundled up fireside roasting hotdogs on a stick under the stars or wrapped up in blankets lounging on the couch with a hot tottie beside the fireplace, winter won’t seem so cold after all.

On your way here, there will be a moment when you cross that invisible line that subliminally divides the fast paced, concrete jungle from the lush, natural countryside we call home; this moment won’t be one of epic proportions, but I promise you will feel it. A warmth will slowly creep into your soul, igniting your curiosity to roam and your desire to connect with nature and self; in that moment, the fever takes hold.

Hurry up, your blissfully infectious vacation awaits:
Stuart Log Cabin
Black River Retreat
Greystone on Golden Lake
Peaksview Chalets (pictured above)   
The Bear Stand
Bobs Lake Cottages

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